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How do I unlock full version?


When you ordered, you were sent an e-mail confirmation with download link and serial number for the full version. Please download the full version using that link, install it, and run it. Then activate it with your serial number.

Where do I enter my serial number? How do I activate the product and get the features I paid for? The program says that I am still using Trial/Free version.


It is very likely that you are still using Trial/Free version of the product. So, please follow these instructions to activate the version of the product that you purchased:

1. If you have not uninstalled the Trial/Free version, uninstall it. Uninstall it by either launching the uninstall wizard from Start, All Programs, [Product Name], uninstall [Product Name] (where [Product Name] should be replaced with the ctaul name of the product you want to uninstall); or through the Control Panel under "Programs and Features" (Windows Vista and up) or "Add/Remove Software Programs" (Windows XP and older).

2. Once you have uninstalled the Free/Trial version, please check your e-mail. When you made your purchase, you should have received an order confirmation message that contains the serial number you should use to activate the product along with the download link.

3. Once you located the order confirmation message, download the full version of the product using the provided link.

4. Then run the setup file you just downloaded and follow the instructions to install the Full Version. Note: at the very last step of the Setup wizard, there may be an option to launch the program you just installed. If there is such an option, you may want to check it, so that the Full Version of the product you just installed is started automatically when you click Finish. If you decide to do that (launch the program from within the setup wizard), you should skip step 5.

5. Once you installed the product, you will find it under Start, All Programs. Note: that if you have 2 similar entries under All Programs, or if after you launch the program you still get Trial/Free version, it means that: either you did not uninstall the Trial/Free version properly as described in step 1, or that you ran the Trial/Free Version setup file and installed it again (instead of running the setup of and installing the Full Version) in which case you should repeat more carefully steps 1 through 4. Once you found the product shortcut, launch the product.

6. After launching the Full Version of the product for the first time, it will ask you to enter a serial number that you have received (you will find it in your order confirmation e-mail). Then simply follow the instructions to activate the program. Once activated you can start using it.

The program no longer works as before (crashes, hangs, does not work), but IT WORKED at least once BEFORE. Help!


The problem you are experiencing is likely a result of the fact that the program by default remembers all settings upon exit, and when it is started again, it automatically applies those saved settings. Now, if somehow these settings get corrupted for whatever reason, it may occasionally fail.

Please follow this procedure to restore the program to the working order by clearing your settings and resetting them to their default working values:

1. Download and run it with Administrative Privileges (download and save it first, then right-click on the downloaded file, and select Run as Administrator).
2. In the "Reset (Clean up) Program's Settings and Options" box in the drop-down list select the program with which you are having problems (normally there will be just one, but if there are several of them with weird names, look for the one that starts with the name of the program's executable file - it should also be obvious to determine the correct item by looking at its name). If you find several items in the list that match the criteria for belonging to the program you are having problems with, then repeat this step and the next for all of the items.
3. Click on the "Clean up" button that appears right next to the program you selected in step 2. If successful, you will get a confirmation. Note: Unless instructed by the support team, do not clean up the program's data in the box at the bottom.
4. If the operation did not succeed, or you were not able to locate your program in the drop-down list, close the Settings Reset Tool and follow these steps instead:
1) Enable viewing hidden and system files and folders. Start, Control Panel, Folder Options, View, and select "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" under "Hidden Files and Folders".
2) Make sure the program is not running and delete the following folder using Windows Explorer: "C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\BinaryMark" (for Windows Vista/7) or "C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Application Data\BinaryMark" (for Windows XP), where [username] should be substituted with you username you use to login to Windows. To do that, click Start, (my) Computer. In the window that appeared double-click on "Drive C:" in the list and navigate your way to the above folder by repeatedly double-clicking on the needed folder (every click will move you down in the folder hierarchy) until you reach "BinaryMark" folder, at which point you should right-click on it and select Delete.
5. Try starting the program again, and if certain preferences were the culprit, it should work.

The program asks me to activate it again and again. Why?


This may happen if the activation information file that the program creates when you activate it, is modified, moved, or deleted. So, please make sure that neither you nor any software (such as Anti-Virus for example) modifies the contents of the following folder in any way: "C:\Users\All Users\PAI" for Windows 2008, 7, and Vista or "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\PAI" for Windows XP and 2003.

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