Join our Affiliate Program

We offer an affiliate program to all interested parties, whereby you can earn up to 45% in commission by promoting our products to your clients and website visitors, provided they make a purchase in the end.

We use Bluesnap Plimus as our primary order processor and manager of our affiliate program. Plimus is the industry-leading e-commerce provider that you can trust!

Getting Started

You can get started literally within minutes! Simply follow these steps:

  • Sign up for an Affiliate account with Plimus by following this link (if you already have a Plimus affiliate account, simply login instead).
  • At this point you are ready to start promoting our products
    • You can use Plimus standard features and promotional tools
    • You can link directly to our products' websites and order pages (please read the section below to learn how to properly link to us)

Order Tracking

When you are using Plimus built-in tools to market and sell our products, tracking is done automatically by Plimus.

We also recommend you link to our web pages directly to increase conversion rate, as we provide the best possible presentation of the products we offer. However it is important you properly link to us, in order to ensure all successful orders will be tracked to you.

Linking to us is very easy. All you have to do is append the &afl=[YourPlimusUsername] to the web page links you want to use. This way, we will be able to track that the customer actually came from your website, and if he/she orders the product, you will get a commission!

How It Works

We recommend you include a detailed review or blog entry about one of our products on your website, followed by a link to the product's home page and the product's order page. In your review/article, feel free to use marketing material you may find on the product's official home page.

Please link to either product home pages that are of the form:[ProductName]/default.aspx?afl=[YourPlimusUsername], or to the product order pages:[ProductID]&afl=[YourPlimusUsername]. Please find all available products, their home page links, and product IDs in the table below.

When linking, do not forget to include the &afl=[YourPlimusUsername] to the web page links you want to use!

Your Commission

You will receive commission for every successful (paid for) order we get, which resulted from you. We offer up to 45% in commission, however our typical rate is 30%, which we adjust towards 45% in 5% increments based on the following schedule:

  • initial commission - 30%
  • 10 successful total orders made - 35%
  • 100 successful total orders made - 40%
  • 1000 successful total orders made - 45%

If you can sell volume licenses or many licenses quickly, we may offer higher commission right away.

Your Payment

Our affiliate program is managed by Plimus, and as such, you will receive your payment directly from them. You can be paid every month, provided the minimum amount of funds has been reached (typically US $100). For more details, please refer to the Plimus Affiliate Section.


If you have any questions, relating to our affiliate program or reselling our products, please feel free to contact us.

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