Old Product Activation Policy

This policy outlines our licensing and product activation terms for all orders processed before June 1, 2011. For all orders processed on or after this date, please refer to our current Licensing and Activation Policy.

Our products are licensed on a per computer basis; and you can use the product on as many computers as you have licenses for. This means, for example, if you have purchased 1 license, you can activate and use the product on 1 computer only.

If you are trying to reinstall and reactivate the product (due to Operating System reinstallation for example) on the computer where you already performed activation, your old serial number should work. If however you are trying to activate the product on a different computer - be it a new PC or virtual machine, or the original computer but with significant hardware changes, activation will fail if you no longer have available licenses.

You can, however, transfer your license from one computer to another as many times as you like, provided you first deactivate the product on the old computer using the following tool: http://download.binarymark.com/bmdl.exe and send us the confirmation code generated by the tool, so that we can provide you an additional activation. Thus, when you know you will need to reinstall the whole system, which can possibly alter your computer's unique ID that our product activation system uses, you must first deactivate the product using the above tool.

In the case of a sudden hard disk failure or other hardware-related problems, when you cannot use the deactivation tool mentioned above to deactivate the product, our policy does allow one extra activation per license purchased to be provided free of charge, enabling you to activate and use the product on another computer. As was mentioned, this, however, can only be used once.

A Note on Privacy: Computer-specific activation explained above is achieved by generating a unique and anonymous ID for every computer where the product is activated. That ID does not contain any personal information and is totally anonymous, so users need not have any privacy concerns.

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