Quickly resize, crop, rotate, flip, and resample lots of images in just a few clicks!

Resize, Crop, Flip, Mirror, Rotate, and Resample

Change width and height independently of each other

Save images as jpg, gif, png, bmp, or wmf

Resize images from Windows Explorer's right-click context menu

Rename image files easily

Preview results inside the program

Multi-core CPU support for faster processing

Batch Image Resizer VERSION 5!
Quickly resize a bunch of images in a few clicks!
Runs on Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, 2000
Batch Image Resizer Box Shot
Resize, Crop, Flip, Mirror, Rotate, Resample, Fit to rectangle
Change width and height independently / keep proportions
Use absolute (pixels) and relative (percent %) values
Trim images by automatically removing whitespace
Selectively apply actions based on orientation: Portrait, Landscape...
Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, tint, hue, gamma...
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Features Overview

Resize, Flip, Mirror, Rotate, and Resample Multiple Images

Easily perform all these operations with lots of images in just one batch!

Crop images by a certain amount or to a fixed size

In the example below an image is cropped by 50 pixels from the left and top, and by 5% from the bottom and right.

In the example below an image is cropped to be exactly 100 by 100 pixels, centered.

Create Thumbnails with Ease

Easily create thumbnails with this program! Control resizing quality using 7 built-in interpolation modes: Low, High, Bilinear, Bicubic, Nearest Neighbor, High Quality Bilinear, High Quality Bicubic!


Change width and height independently

You can change width and height independently of each other, or make one proportional to another!

Use absolute and relative values

You can change the value of width and height by either specifying new value in pixels or as a percentage of the original width and height! This gives you ultimate flexibility!

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Automatically Trim & Crop images by Removing Whitespace

One of the unique features of Image Resizer is Smart Crop! It automatically detects and removes any whitespace or empty space that surrounds the image, thereby cropping it automatically. You can specify from which sides whitespace should be removed, as well as set the minimum amount (in pixels or as a percentage) that should be left. Furthermore, even if the whitespace is not of a single solid color, but is rather a texture of some sort, thanks to the built-in tolerance slider the program can still remove it!

Smart Automatic Crop Explained


Note that this cropping process is automatic. The program can easily trim hundreds of images in a few minutes, even if all of them have different amount of whitespace and that whitespace is unevenly occuring! Just imagine how much time it would take you, had you had to do it manually!

Resize & Fit images to a Fixed-Size Rectangle, preserving Proportions

Sometimes resizing an image to a certain size may not produce optimal results, as it may change its proportions (aspect ratio). That's where Best Fit functionality of Image Resizer comes in very handy! It allows you to resize any image so that it fits inside a rectangle of a fixed size that you specify and yet its proportions remain the same! The program has 3 different methods that achieve this: with whitespace, without whitespace, and crop. See the image below:

Best Fit Explained


If you use Whitespace method, you can control background color. If you use crop method, you can control precisely which part of the image should remain, and which part should be cropped, i.e. Top-Left, Top-Center, Top-Right, Middle-Left, Middle-Center, Middle-Right, Bottom-Left, Bottom-Center, Bottom-Right. You can control image positioning even more precisely using offsets.

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Use Constrained Resize to resize just the central part of the image

Constrained Resize can be very useful if you want to resize the central portion of an image, while intelligently stretching the boundary areas, i.e. for example fitting a bigger or smaller picture into a certain frame, whereby the frame's proportions should not be altered.

Depending on selected mode - Tiled or Stretched - you can achieve slightly different results. Note how the thick black frame/border looks identical to the original in both cases; even though the central part of the image has been resized the border itself was intelligently drawn around it:

Apply actions selectively - only if images have a specified Orientation

There are 7 settings for image orientation: Portrait, Landscape, Square, All, Portrait & Landscape, Portrait & Square, and Landscape & Square. These represent all the possible combinations. You can specify whether a rotation, resizing, or cropping action should be performed, depending on image orientation.

For example, you may want to rotate your images by 90 degrees, but only if they are Portrait, thus turning them into Landscape. With Image Resizer's image orientation setting you can do that!

Save images as jpg, gif, png, bmp, tif, or wmf formats

Program supports reading and writing above formats. In addition it offers various options for saving images: you can control jpeg compression level, gif dithering and palette, png bit depth, tif compression algorithm, etc.

Resize images directly from Windows!

Simply select a bunch of images that you want to resize in "My Pictures" folder (or any other folder), right-click the selection, and choose "Resize with Batch Image Resizer" command from the menu! The program will be automatically launched containing the images you selected.

Rename image files easily

You can easily set new names for the processed images by using original files' names, numbers, and other arbitrary characters.

Preview results inside the program

All the settings that you apply, such as the sizes of new width and height, or rotation angle, are immediately reflected in the preview window, thus giving you instant feedback and saving you time!

Multi-core CPU support for faster processing

Program can process images even faster if your computer has multi-core CPU, or has several CPUs installed.

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Replace Colors or Color Ranges

With special Color Replace operation you can replace individual colors or entire ranges of colors. Make the sky green instead of blue for example!

Color Replace Explained

Above is an example of dynamic color replace in action. It is just an example to illustrates capabilities of this powerful operation. Not only can you specify the exact color to be replaced (all pixels of the same color will be replaced with the one specified), but you can also specify the tolerance level, so that similar colors will also be replaced. On top of that, you can enable per-channel dynamic color replace so that, pixel-color differences will be preserved with the new color.

Adjust Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation

Easily adjust image brightness, contrast, and saturation with sliders!

Change Color Tint and Temperature

Make images look either warmer or cooler by adjusting color temperature, and make images look either greener or redder by adjusting tint.

Convert to Sepia Tone or Grayscale

Make your images look like old photos by converting them to Sepia tone, or using one of the several grayscale conversion algorithms (you can even create your own grayscale conversion algorithm with particular coefficients for Red, Green, and Blue values).

Auto-Adjust White Balance and Remove Noise

Get rid of the two most common problems of digital cameras: easily auto-adjust white balance and remove noise, making your photos look more natural and much prettier!

Fix Out-of-Focus Images by Applying Sharpen Filter

Easily sharpen your photos, so they look more crisp and clear!

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Review detailed list of program features:

  • Change width and height independently
  • Use both percent and pixels for width and height independently
  • Change width proportionally to height, or height proportionally to width. For example, set width to 600px, and change height accordingly to maintain aspect ratio (in this case the value of height does not matter)
  • Resize with and without preserving aspect ratio
  • 7 Built-in Interpolation (Resizing) Modes: Low, High, Bilinear, Bicubic, Nearest Neighbor, HQ Bilinear, and HQ Bicubic
  • Rotate images freely or in steps of 45 degrees
  • Apply actions selectively depending on image orientation: Landscape, Portrair, Square, or any combination of these three
  • Automatically detect and remove unnecessary whitespace / empty space surrounding the image with Smart Crop
  • Fit image to a particular fixed-size rectangle and preserve its aspect ratio with Best Fit action using 3 modes: with whitespace, without whitespace, or by cropping
  • Automatically add desired images for the program to process by scanning folders and subfolders for images according to the specified settings
  • Set background color for rotated images
  • Flip images horizontally (mirror) and vertically
  • Crop images from any combination of 4 sides, using any combination of absolute (pixels), and relative (%) values!
  • Change image resolution by resampling
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation
  • Adjust color temperature and tint
  • Use auto-adjust to automatically correct white balance
  • Remove noise that may result from poor ISO settings
  • Convert to grayscale using one of the predefined styles, or create and use your own grayscale style
  • Convert to Sepia tone
  • Correct small focus problems with Sharpen filter
  • Save results in jpg, gif, png, bmp, tif, or wmf format!
  • Access program functionality from Windows directly (available through optional context-menu integration)
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Lightning-fast processing speeds
  • Process 1000s of images at once!
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New in Version 5.0

  • Added various color-related actions: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Tint, Hue, Gamma, Invert.
  • Added advanced color actions: color replace, opacity, color scale, color RGB levels.
  • Added sepia tone, sharpen, and remove noise actions.
  • Added ability to drag and drop image files from Windows into the program.
  • Support for Windows 8.
  • Improved UI and layout. Now the window is fully resizable and preview area is much bigger.

New in Version 4.1

  • Added ability to fit images to a given size, while maintaining aspect ratio via Best Fit action
  • Added automatic white/empty space removal around the image via Smart (Automatic) Crop and Trim
  • Added comprehensive image search functionality
  • Processing speed increased
  • Improved User Interface


Software Informer Editor's Pick Award

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/Me/98/2012/2008/2003/2000
  • 800 x 600, 16-bit Screen resolution
  • 800 MHz Processor
  • 128 MB of RAM

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