This program is great, it allows me to vastly improve my video collection

rated 3/5 

I was hopeful that Blogspot Image Downloader would get my missing photos back onto my own system and it did, but I was happily surprised that it put them in folders and kept the original file names! terrific!

rated 3/5 

Great software or a specific purpose

I've used this now for several weeks. It soes a great job at downloading blog images completely. When I've had questions, the support team was quickly responsive. I recommend this software!

rated 5/5 

Quick and does the job

Works exactly as specified, and very quickly. Makes it easy to gather material for works. Lovely job.

rated 5/5 

Comfy and self-explanatory

Works fine, the user interface is very easy to handle and self-explanatory. The downloads are sorted into folders entitled with the postings name, but if its under 100 pics can also be sorted into one folder. It would be even better if I could make a setting to get ALL pics into one single folder, without subfolders.

rated 4/5 

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