Top Features

Quickly select random items from large lists

Select as many items as you want from even very large lists with thousands of items! Of course you can just as easily select one or few items from relatively small lists. The program can handle all these tasks with equal ease.

Supports large lists with 1000000s items

The product supports very large lists with hundreds of thousands of items. You can easily get items into the program by either loading them from textual files, by pasting items from clipboard, or by simply typing them in directly.

Sort, shuffle, remove duplicate items from lists

You can also perform various tasks not just with items in the list but with the list itself. For example you can sort items ascending or descending way; you can shuffle items in the list (randomly change their relative positions); and you can remove duplicate items from the list. This last functionality is especially handy if you have a large list and want to make sure that all the items in it are unique.

Randomly select people for various tests

This product is ideal for random drug testing or any other tests where certain amount of people must be chosen at random. It is small, fast, and easy to use.

Ability to assign individual probabilities to items

What is unique about this product is that you can control how the program chooses items from a list by whenever appropriate assigning individual probabilities and weights to items. By default, all items in the list have equal chance to be chosen at random. However you can change the odds in favor or against certain items by assigning them a different probability of being chosen. Simply type in the percentage value next to the item whose probability you wish to change and you are done!

All-in-one solution for random sampling

With options like the number of items to pick, whether or not to allow picking the same item more than once, as well as assigning probabilities to items individually, Random Item Picker is a small, fast, reliable, and feature-packed all-in-one solution for all your random sampling needs!

Other Features

  • Large lists with thousands of items are supported
  • Pick more than one item at a time
  • Sort lists ascending and descending ways
  • Shuffle items in the list
  • Remove duplicate items from the list
  • Remove items from the list after they have been picked
  • Allow/disallow picking the same item more than once
  • Assign individual probabilities of being picked to items
  • Randomize/equalize individual probabilities of items of being picked
  • Import/Export items to/from list to/from textual files
  • Full clipboard support - copy and paste operations are supported
  • Much more!

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