Password Generator is the best software on the marker, and it is so from many years ago and I am sure it will be for many years from now. I have some suggestions for you. I developed and encryption software that is using Latin squares. Latin squares are like passwords in my encryption system so I would be very happy to have a random generator of Latin squares. I use also Latin cubes and Latin tesseracts in my encryption system. Also it would be nice to have in your program random generation of one time pads and certificates used for PGP encryption. I would like to see an option for combine multiple password lists into one list that contain unique passwords. And please, eliminate any limitation in your software. For example that maximum number of generated passwords and not only this. And in the end, I would like to see a compatibility with USB devices that generates true random numbers that are used for construction of true random password. For example, to be able to use the output of these devices: There are only a few examples. I hope my reply it is useful.

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I have used this product for several years and the flexibility to generate and save the generated password have allowed me the peace of mind to know I don't need to worry about reusing a password more than once.

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Super utility such no longer exists Generates very many different passwords to taste

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These days for each and everything we need security whether it’s your bank account, email ID, files, folder, etc. With this comes the need to have a large variety of passwords that ideally should be different and unique. So to solve this problem we are presenting you the BinaryMark Password Generator Professional. It provides you with millions of passwords, key codes, serial numbers, pronounceable passwords, and usernames that are strictly generated following the rules that you define. You can also enable various other features to work with and you would find the program easy to deal with.

Password Generator Professional software has a neat appearance that is easy on the eye and options are set on the screen on both the panels and the menu bar area. The Basic Mode provides you the options to character setting, options and length settings for the passwords. You can also change to the Advanced Mode option that has the Character Composition, Order and General Options set with it. You can set the Character policies and on the right side you get the option for the Character Groups that is for setting the character, density and quantity. Then there’s option ‘Sequences’ and also Dictionaries; it contains various properties. On the top you get the Mode, Count, RNG, No Duplicate, and many other options that you can change for generating the password accordingly. You can easily export the data to the Database or Microsoft Excel file and also import the Usernames. The generated list of the password is shown at the middle of the screen with the Username. You can easily save the list or open an existing one and even get them printed if required.

Password Generator Professional receives an appreciable score of 4.5 rating points owing to its excellent performance and extensive options. The software also provides you with the features to send the username and passwords through emails through the program itself which adds to its appeal.

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Password Generator Professional is capable of generating unlimited passwords according to your specifications. In fact, this tool can build any kind of random strings you may need, such as usernames, passwords, ID numbers, key codes, etc. The program can generate strings of up to 100 characters and a list of 100,000,000 strings at once, but this will depend on the kind of license you acquire.

Password Generator Professional offers a nice user interface, in the style of Office 2010. It includes a command ribbon and several panels for you to select all your settings. Besides, you can work in several modes – Basic, Advanced, Pronounceable, Mask, and Number. All these features offer you a really large number of options and parameters for you to tweak. Therefore, it would advise you to start by reading the "Getting Started" section of the help file, in order to make the most of the program's capabilities.

One of the sections in Basic mode allows you to define the minimum and maximum length of the strings and the character sets to use – lowercase, uppercase, special, and numbers. Another section allows you to add “transforms”, which can be thought of as automatic modifications that will be applied to the strings once they are generated. Among those “transforms” you can select reverse characters, shuffle characters, replace/insert/append strings, URL encode/decode, and many others.

Other sections of the program allow you to use or discard sequences of consecutive characters, include dictionary words, create pronounceable passwords, and export your password list to external formats, among other options. All the features mentioned and more are available to you in this Professional edition of the program, which is much better than the standard edition (this does not allow you to work in Mask or Number modes, generate usernames or create custom character groups, to mention but a few). On the other hand, there is also the Server edition, which is even more comprehensive than the Professional edition. For example, the Server edition is the only version that includes database export/import, hash generation, e-mail notifications, and encrypted passwords lists.

To sum up, Password Generator Professional is a very comprehensive tool that allows you to generate unlimited customized passwords in no time.

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I spent some time trying various other password generation utilities, but Password Generator Professional was by far the easiest and most advanced. I also have to mention the Customer Service which was both prompt and efficient.

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We are very pleased with BinaryMark Password Generator. As a healthcare software vendor classified as a HIPAA Business Associate ("BA"), our company is governed by U.S. Federal law of privacy under the 1996 HIPAA Federal Statutes.

We use Password Generator for generating "hard" usernames and "hard" passwords for our secure FTP services which are also regulated by HIPAA compliancy statutes. We also use Password Generator for generating "hard" passwords for each of our network computer logins.

I recommend that all healthcare providers or associates who carry their laptops to use hard usernames and passwords for logins and physically safeguard them from theft. There is nothing worse than a stolen laptop that automatically boots to the Windows Desktop that also makes personally identifiable healthcare information ("PHI") and detailed financial information available to a thief or pawn shop!

Password Generator is the perfect product for this purpose, and I appreciate it displaying characters in Courier fonts to clearly see the passwords. Password Generator is a "must-have" software application for any healthcare business for use in their HIPAA compliancy business plan.

Thank you for an excellent product. I tried several products in all price ranges for their full trial period, but the winner was Password Generator's interface having the most logical look & feel, and Password Generator's enterprise quality.

– Software Motif Incrated 5/5 

The product works great with the needs of creating truly random passwords with features like filtering out certain characters (l or 0).

– Idaho Department of Educationrated 5/5 

Manuel Popa Review

It is a good program but it is difficult for a newcomer to build custom formats. I suggest to put a module to generate random latin square after a custom string. But you tell me that it is no possible. You must remove all limitation of your program to be perfect. Remove the max length of passwords, remove max number of password that can be generate, and give more freedom for low license to make a perfect program with maximum satisfaction of your clients. For the rest, well job!

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B&B Rare Woods Owner

Love the way you can control what happens. However, never could figure out how to avoid repeating characters...

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summarizes the best password generator

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Great Product

Lots of features and easy to use.

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